Course Highlights

Course Highlights: Echocardiography for Hemodynamics, Valvular Heart Disease, and Heart Failure

This meeting will have 53 renowned international faculty members to share their expert areas of Echocardiography in a beautiful setting of Jeju Island. The course will start with basic to advanced introduction to Echocardiography on May 24th, Thursday afternoon, with a special emphasis on the use of Echocardiography for hemodynamic assessment, valvular heart disease, and heart failure.

On Friday (May 25th), the Plenary session will highlight the Past, Present, and Future of Echocardiography in hemodynamics, cardiac function assessment and valvular heart disease. They will be presented by 3 distinguished Asian-Pacific Association members. The rest of Friday presentations will focus on the use of Echocardiography in heart failure.

On Saturday (May 26th), we will concentrate on the use of Echocardiography in valvular heart disease in the morning. In the afternoon, we will have the Young Investigator Award candidates’ presentation followed by Interesting Cases around the World.

On Friday and Saturday, there will be Morning and Lunch Industry-sponsored Special sessions to which all of the meeting attendees are invited to.

We hope to have a reception for all attendees so that we can get to know each other for social and academic net-working and collaboration.